Newsletter Highlight SOA 59 | Agencies scramble to attract talent amid shortage weekly newsletter highlight Aug 10, 2021


Do old legacy agencies have the remotest idea about new ways of working?
An article this week in Campaign Magazine UK, entitled Agencies Scramble to attract talent amid shortages, discusses how creative and media agencies, which laid off thousands of people during the pandemic,...

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School of Athens 59 | What I learnt about our industry while playing beach volleyball with Plato. school of athens newsletter Aug 06, 2021



Hi, it's David here.

The School of Athens is fittingly coming to you from the island of Zakynthos in Greece this week where Socrates, Aristotle, Plato, Pythagoras, Archimedes and I are enjoying some well earned rest in between semesters.

Well, I say rest, but I'm not the only...

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Fuel For Thought | Ranked: The Reputation of 100 Major Brands in the U.S. fuel for thought Aug 05, 2021


What a difference a year makes.
Really interesting ranking of the top US 100 brands, and a good indication of what really drives reputation.
What comes to mind when you think of a good or bad brand?

If you want to read this article, click here.

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Newsletter Highlight OOTB 12 | How comms services providers see the future of communications weekly newsletter highlight Aug 03, 2021


Are you culturally ready or culturally reactive?

Driving conversations instead of being pressed to respond to them?

In this article from Ragan Communications and PR DailyTed Kitterman discusses how comms service providers see the future of communications, with one expert...

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Out of The Box 12 | The Future of Communications: Are you Culturally Ready? out of the box newsletter Jul 30, 2021


Hi, it's Katie here.

I recently joined the BeenThereDoneThat team in New York, heading up our communications and culture strategy – lovely to meet you – and honored to take the reins of the newsletter this week.

We are building a new capability on the team to help...

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School of Athens 58 | What does your name say about you? school of athens newsletter Jul 23, 2021



Hi, it's David here.

My mother always calls me David, friends call me the more casual Dave and for a long time at school I was known as Alby, in fact I’ve been called many things but when I write it's always David, I wonder why? Maybe I want you to take me seriously.


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