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How do I launch a new brand in a market gap?
A market in the gap
July 2019

Problem -

Unilever needs to find new innovations in order to grow and take a bigger share of the ice cream category. 

They identified an opportunity to develop a no-nasties proposition within Kids Ice Cream, in partnership with Tesco but needed to go from purpose to brand identity from scratch, in 6 weeks. 

What we did -

We adopted a 1 week sprint based brand development process. With key decision gates at the end of each week spread across 4 stages. These were; Problem definition, purpose creation, proposition development, and Brand design.

At each stage we developed multiple routes and narrowed this down to 1 in a co-creation session with the core team.

The result -

The final deliverable was a comprehensive brand vision document containing a clear purpose, proposition, positioning, values, identity and packaging concepts. 

This product has been piloted in the UK exclusively for Tesco’s in 2019 and will be rolled out across Europe in 2020.