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Can you help us redefine our story to energise our business?
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Finding the why for 3
July 2018

Problem -

Somewhere along the way, Three has lost its why.

They have stopped being ‘themselves’. 

And without a story to guide them (and to rope them in when they veer off the tracks) they have become inconsistent, focusing on quick wins within the category. 

In fact … they have become obsessed with the category 

All to the detriment of the customer.

What we did -

We started with a problem definition to crystalise what was wrong with 3’s brand. We then developed 9 routes in 1 week through our community. We showcased these routes to the business in multiple workshops run by our community to identify which route resonated most strongly and then refined to 1 winning route which was taken to the board and signed-off.

The result -

‘Free the Fun’ is now 3’s global purpose and central to all consumer communications and internal stakeholders