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How do we change perception of and re-energise a brand in decline?
Probably to probably not
Apr 2019

Problem -

For the past few years for Carlsberg, it’s been a race to the bottom of the pint... relying on volume discount, compromising on taste and other things that have historically made them great. 

But now’s the time to change, (in fact there is no choice but to!) and Carlsberg  put the fundamentals in place: a proven better brew, new packaging, new design and a new story.

However this is all meaningless unless we change the perception of the brand. The question was how?

What we did -

We started with a problem definition session which identified the focus for the brief. We discovered that what the brand needed was a defibrillator on its  heart. 

Our community delivered 9 disruptive ideas in 1 week designed to drive brand reappraisal and trial of the new Carlsberg formulation through a short sharp shock.

2 days following a co-creation workshop with the client a new proposition was agreed. 

The Result -

“The brand has been “overwhelmed” by the response from consumers so far. 

Certainly it drove conversation, with awareness of Carlsberg’s advertising among British consumers increasing by three percentage points to 9.7% and word of mouth exposure up 2.7 points, according to YouGov BrandIndex”

“Consideration is up 0.5 points, with this rising to 3.1 points among former customers”

Probably not the best lager in the world has won a number of awards most notably Marketing Weeks ‘Campaign of the year 2019