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Dave Edwards joins BeenThereDoneThat
Dave 'Weather' Edwards ends 14yr stint at RGA to join BeenThereDoneThat
Faster, Sharper, Smarter - A white paper on unlocking the strategies that make this a great time to be in marketing.
It is a truth universally acknowledged, and constantly repeated, that remaining relevant in today’s crowded and fast-moving world is, to be frank, extremely difficult.
Marketing without agenda
Agendas are funny things. Everyone has one, hidden or not. It helps us define purpose, direction and creates motivation. In the world of business it is no different, particularly when it comes to marketing services. And yet we forget to question whose agenda are we fulfilling?
Great minds don’t think alike
There has been much written and said in recent years about the importance of diversity and how it improves performance. Aside from race, gender and age there is another type of diversity that is both overlooked and more powerful. It’s cognitive diversity.