Harnessing the world's
best thinkers
"They built me a brand from scratch in 9 days, and we sold it into Sainsbury's on the 10th"
Pete Harbour
Global Marketing Director, Unilever
"Whether it's Purposeful Positioning or Creative Platforms, BeenThereDoneThat works like Creative Acupuncture"
Mireia Casadella Caballeria
Senior Marketing Director Western Europe Pepsico
"BeenThereDoneThat has been there and done it across a number of critical initiatives. They are a great resource for us to get multiple ideas, fast
John Rudaizky
Partner, Global Brand & Marketing, EY

How it works

Well firstly, we don’t start work until we’ve defined your problem. We go slow so you can go fast. 

Once we’ve defined your problem we harness the experience and intuition of our community to deliver smart solutions to your marketing and business problems. 

Because our thinking is decoupled from execution, you can be sure our focus is on your business and not ours.

This rapid injection of thinking is there to unblock a pain point or unlock an opportunity. 

Our clients call it Creative Acupuncture.

Products and principles

What we think

Great minds like a think and we have no shame in agreeing. Skim, read, share or download, the choice is yours, (although we’d love it if you shared. Sharing is good)

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Dave Edwards joins BeenThereDoneThat
Dave 'Weather' Edwards ends 14yr stint at RGA to join BeenThereDoneThat
Faster, Sharper, Smarter - A white paper on unlocking the strategies that make this a great time to be in marketing.
It is a truth universally acknowledged, and constantly repeated, that remaining relevant in today’s crowded and fast-moving world is, to be frank, extremely difficult.
Marketing without agenda
Agendas are funny things. Everyone has one, hidden or not. It helps us define purpose, direction and creates motivation. In the world of business it is no different, particularly when it comes to marketing services. And yet we forget to question whose agenda are we fulfilling?

Who we work with

We have been working with great brands from around the world since 2014. Answering questions and addressing challenges on everything from problem definition and creative ideas to brand positioning and product innovation.

We’d probably like to work with you too.

If you are not sure then take a look at what we’ve been asked to do.


Who we are

Founded in 2014 by David Alberts and Ed Rogers, BeenThereDoneThat was born from the belief that harnessing the power of collective thinking was a better way to solve problems.

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