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The Painting?

It's Raphael's 'The School of Athens', depicting the greatest thinkers of the classical Greek era.

They didn't all think alike. Quite the opposite.

But all those smart minds in one place can change the world as we know it.

This painting adorns the walls of the Vatican and our office.

It's a touchstone for what we do, how we do it, and why.

We've been working this way since 2014, but our model is not exactly new, it was first invented in 1509.

Play the film to find out more

What's the problem?

So let’s cut to the chase. With the increasing need for speed, the modern marketer’s enemy is definitely time.

And the fast evolving world we live in means the problems you have to solve are not getting any simpler.

Yet the resources and systems traditionally used to tackle big questions are proving less and less fit for purpose.

To thrive, we all need to be ever faster, sharper and smarter.

Our model is different. It is designed to deliver quality thinking and ideas at pace.

Why we are different?

Harnessing the minds of people who have literally been there done that will take you further, faster.

That’s why we built a carefully curated community of 180 of the world’s best Chief Strategy and Chief Creative Officers.

All with the benefit of 20+ years' experience.

All specialists in their fields.

And because not all great minds think alike, we cast 3 specialists on every project, so you always get a breadth and depth of thinking.

Our thinkers have the freedom of anonymity to ensure they will give you true freedom of thought.

And because we have also decoupled strategy from execution, our thinking comes without agenda.

This way we can focus on driving your business rather than feeding a machine

What's your problem, exactly?

Everybody talks about thinking outside the box. Maybe we should start by asking what is the ‘box’.

We believe in the adage 'a problem well-defined is a problem half-solved'.

So we define yours before we do anything else.

If you understand the problem, then you can unlock the business opportunity.

Slow down, so you can go fast.

What we think...


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Based on quantitative and qualitative research amongst marketing leaders from around the world, ‘Faster, Sharper, Smarter’ reveals what today’s CMO’s are thinking and how they are tackling some of marketing biggest issues.



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