How we work

At the heart of our business model sits our 500-strong expert community.

We like to think of our community of experts as the world’s biggest strategic imagination department

A diverse, global community of the brightest and best talent whose expertise and experience will take you to where you need to go, not just keep you where you’re at.

Our Approach


Reframe your problems, without agenda,
to unlock new opportunities

We always start with reframing the problem using our neat and proprietary methodology SOLVE™.


Reimagine the possibilities using rare talent

The Reimagine phase is where we bring in our community. We will cast the right members to reimagine the possibilities for your brand, your category, the products you make and the way you take them to market.


Realize those solutions to have a real world impact

Finally we take the solution with the most promise and build out the assets you then need to take it forward. Wherever you are going next, we make sure we are creating what you need to get you there.

Our Principles

We have 4 simple operating principles that enable us to drive you forward.


Thinking without agenda

We decoupled strategy from execution so you get the answer that  unlocks a real opportunity, not the answer that drives someone else’s business model.


Diversity of thinking

We always cast a diverse range of talent on your problem to open up the solution set and drive to the right outcome for you.


Senior Team

Our talent model ensures an experienced and expert team for the duration of the project.


Moving at speed

Our sprint based approach means we can move at the speed of need, consumers and culture.

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