We realize that what’s got you here is not going to get you to where you want to be.
That’s why we’ve built a different type of company and a different type of model, to help you turn the problems you’re grappling with into opportunities to grow

Our Principles

Fundamentally, we are a platform powered by a 400 strong community of rare talent. We are proud to have assembled a group of people with experience, expertise and talent with the ambition to use their skills to make a better world. We think of them as our on demand Strategic Imagination Department that can adapt to an ever changing world and bring the skills needed to help you flourish

To do this effectively, we believe in four key principles:
Diversity of Thinking
Across everything we do, we tap into a number of experts to give you a diverse range of solutions. Our experts span strategy, data, innovation and creative. They are on the ground in over 30 Countries and are representative of a wide range of communities and cultures
Thinking Without Agenda
From the day we started in 2015 we decided to decouple thinking from execution so that we could provide thinking without agenda. This approach means we are free to focus on our clients’ business problems rather than ours
Senior Team
Your day to day engagement will be led by a Chief Strategy Officer and Senior Director level client lead. So you can be assured that like our whole Community you will be working with people who have been there and done that
Moving at Speed
Many businesses talk about becoming agile, we were conceived and born that way. We have products and a bespoke process that is agile, collaborative and, importantly, sprint-based

Our Process


We believe in the theory that “a problem well-defined is a problem half solved”. That’s why we start every project with our SOLVE ™ Problem Definition Session. A three hour session led by a Chief Strategy Officer that helps you understand:

Situation (current and preferred business situation)
Obstacles (opportunity & obstacles relevant to preferred situation)
Landscape (consumer tensions)
Viewpoint (branded POV on this tension)
Endframe (the framing of the issues asked as a question)


Once we have identified the right problem we have to solve, we cast the right Community members to help solve the problem. The casting is based on geography, category experience and area of expertise that the problem demands. They’ve all been there and done that and they can help you figure out where to go next. We call them our Strategic Imagination Department.


The product of our Strategic Imagination Department’s work is a diverse set of clearly defined strategies designed to answer the specific problem we have identified with you. In order to implement these programs, we provide you with the blueprints, playbooks, training, digital assets and creativity necessary to turn Strategic Imagination into action.
. . . been there/
done that . . .
So, where next?
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